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FIFA 2000 Review — By Richard Butler

Well, is this time of year we get to the month of November and eagerly await the next release of the next edition of the smash hit FIFA series from EA Sports. Previous FIFAs have gradually upgraded from the previous ones, eventually giving FIFA 99 the title of «Game of the Century».

FIFA 2000 is no different — just about everything has been upgraded — more leagues, better gameplay, the list goes on and on. But the thing that impressed me most about the game was the extended seasons — once you have finished a season, it carries on to the next, with promotions from lower divisions, so you could have finished a league and Charlton could replace Sheffield Wednesday in the next season.

However, anything Portuguese has been excluded from the game — the Portuguese national team, replaced by the withering heights of Lebanon; and the Portuguese league, replaced by a nicely unused Norwegian league of part-timers. Also the reduction of skill moves has enraged me — no more stepovers or flick-ups, but they have still kept the Maradona 360 spin and a side step move which makes it no big deal.

EA Sports have also introduced a new feature to FIFA that is ball sheilding. Now, this can be very handy if you are waiting for your star striker to split that defensive rock in half, opening up a perfect gap for a through ball. Basically, ball sheilding is sheilding the ball from an opponent, which works for five seconds or so depending on the defender's tackling ability.

Whatever people may say, FIFA 2000 really is the best thing since sliced bread and the incredible balance of graphics and playability reflects that. This game is set to steal FIFA 99's crown as the undesputed leader of games in the soccer genre, but doesn't the latest version always? Whenever EA Sports release a new FIFA, it always beats its predecessor, as it should — but if a FIFA 2001 can improve dramatically on this effort, we should be set for a corker!

Richard Butler
Cyber-soccer Network

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